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Why Sentinel Marketing Solutions?

Sentinel Marketing Solutions was founded in 2007 by a group of successful direct marketing executives, who together had over 50 years of successful direct marketing and call center experience. Our mission was established as “We will use all aspects of direct marketing to cost effectively bring potential buyers and sellers together."

In 2008 we were off to a good start, having done nearly a million dollars in business in our first year, but then the economy fell into the deepest recession in our country’s history. We knew that if we were to survive, we had to create new business for our struggling client customers, who were also affected by the sinking economy. We not only survived, but we and our client customers thrived. We are still growing and still helping all types and sizes of companies, with customer acquisition and retention issues, thrive today. We can help you.

We are experts. We listen to your problems and challenges, and ask plenty of questions. Next, we work with you collectively to develop a game plan to grow your business. The solution is always to add more customers, and thereby more sales and profits to your top and bottom lines. The process is very cost effective and we manage everything for you.

We can help you.

Never Looked Back

"I started working with Sentinel Marketing Solutions back in 2013. I was experienced in the direct mail nutraceutical space, but wasn’t getting the most out of my campaigns from my former call center. I received a referral for Sentinel Marketing Solutions, decided to make the change, and I’ve never looked back. Choosing Sentinel Marketing Solutions was the best decision I could've ever made for my business."
- Phillip G., CEO ATX Corporation

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

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