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Inbound Call Handling

Direct Mail and Direct Web Ad Inbound Call Response

Sentinel Marketing Solutions has over 50 years of experience in Direct Mail and Direct Web Ad Inbound Call Response, for sales to lead generation to survey calls. Inbound call handling represents the majority of our business, and we are experts. We capture customer payment information at the point of service, and, in addition to remote and local call monitoring, we record every call for quality assurance, evaluation and training.

Our prices are among the best in the industry, our guarantee is even better.

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Timely and Accurate Metrics

Two-thirds of organizations view access to real-time or nearly real-time metrics is a very important capability. However, very few companies (8%) receive their metrics as soon as they are generated. Fewer than one-fifth (18%) receive them on the same day, while at the remaining companies it can take up to four weeks for the metrics to be delivered. (Source: Ventana Research)

We use an exclusive online Dashboard Metrics System that enables you to see your results in Real Time.

The benefit to you, is having the actual, Real-Time numeric results information when you want it. This valuable information will enable you to project top and bottom line performance and help you with planning your growth accordingly.

There are no risks in talking to us about your needs. To learn more, call now.

We are experts. We listen to your problems and challenges, and ask plenty of questions. Next, we work with you collectively to develop a game plan to grow your business. The solution is always to add more customers, and thereby more sales and profits to your top and bottom lines. The process is very cost effective and we manage everything for you… No matter what else you have tried, we can help you.

"The majority of our new business opportunities come from our reputation for outstanding results and willing attitude. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your program needs. We have a solution to help you expand your market share and grow your business. All you have to do is give us a call and find out how."
— Mal Chandler, President, Sentinel Marketing Solutions

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