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If you are with a Law Firm,

Sentinel Marketing Solutions provides Industry Best Contact Rates, completed Intakes, and signed Retainers. We do this specifically for you, using highly trained HIPAA certified Sentinel Specialists.

Nationally, Sentinel Marketing Solutions partners with some of the largest and most successful lead providers in your practice area(s) to ensure that you and your firm spends MORE time practicing the law, and LESS time looking for the qualified clients.

Partnering with Sentinel means:

  • Doing away with the hassle and expense of managing in-house operators and overhead costs.
  • Spending your time developing cases…not leads.
  • Getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your leads are treated with a priority and professionalism that can greatly improve your results and bottom line “cost per case” ratios.
  • In addition to remote and local call monitoring, we record every call for quality assurance evaluation and training.
  • Consider that even the finest attorney has difficulty succeeding without a steady stream of qualified prospects and clients. Consider what would happen if your practice were to let lead experts help you secure new clients.
  • How much better would your practice be if you were able to contact 70% – 75% of the leads you purchase?
  • How much better would your practice be if 1, out of every two leads you purchased, resulted in an intake?
  • How much better would your practice be if every 100 leads you purchased turned into 15-18 retainers?

Opportunity creation, in the legal vertical, requires a highly trained and specialized call center. We took a calculated risk by testing our work at Sentinel Marketing Solutions, and they have since become our go-to call center. Their attention to detail, lightning fast response time and, most importantly, their marketing and process recommendations set them apart from the competition. If you’re looking for quality results and completion of your performance objectives, I say talk to Tom at Sentinel.
- Robert S., Managing Partner

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