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Outbound Sales

Outbound Business to Business and to Consumer Marketing & Sales

Proven commission, pay-for-performance lead generation and sales programs, for B2B and B2C, selling a wide variety of products and services like yours. We have experience successfully growing businesses like yours across multiple verticals and industries. We capture customer payment information at the point of service, and, in addition to remote and local call monitoring, we record every call for quality assurance, evaluation and training.

Our prices are among the best in the industry, our guarantee is even better.

Let us help you grow your business!

“These guys are really good”

I’ve used call center services to keep my costs down for 23 years. Over those years, I’ve seen plenty of call centers come and go. Seven years ago, when I connected to Sentinel Marketing Solutions through a broker, I started what has now become the longest business relationship that I have ever had with a call center company. My business has grown every year since I started using Sentinel Marketing Solutions. These guys are really good.
- Manny F., Owner, Direct Mail Services

“We are very proud that we survived the economic disaster of just a few short years ago, and frankly we believe that by us ALWAYS doing the honorable thing and ALWAYS resisting the temptation to take short cuts we have sowed our seeds of prosperity. We will never take advantage of you, lie to you or make empty promises. That is our irrevocable guarantee."
- Jim Tressler, Chairman of the Board - Sentinel Marketing Solutions

Leave it to the Pros

Sentinel Marketing Solutions takes a common sense approach
to address your call center needs by:

- Applying our years of experience to analyze your business’ needs,
- Recommending solutions to increase your current conversions and customer sales base, and
- Executing those recommendations in a productive, measurable and cost effective way.
That’s our guarantee.
- Jason Myers, CEO
Sentinel Marketing Solutions

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

The Customers are out there. Let us find, grow and keep them for you.


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